What’s in season for June?

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Here’s the new freshest, best tasting, delights in season in your area. Try and buy them locally to help the environment and support farmers in your community.

North America

Corn! What a tasty summer delight. Corn provides useful amounts of vitamins A, B3 (supports metabolism, the nervous and digestive systems) and C. It also contains folic acid and fiber. When buying corn look for cobs with the husk intact. The husk should be green and fresh and conceal fine, silky threads. You can cook it lots of ways, but really, boiled and then salted with butter has to be best no?


Try also arugula, radishes, bell peppers, cucumber and kohlrabi. Fruits such as blueberries, cherries, strawberries, apricots, plums and passion- fruit are all great right now. Perfect for summer fruit-salads.

If you don’t mind a piece of fish mackerel is fresh and in season.


Aubergine/eggplant are perfect right now. When you choose aubergines pick ones that feel heavy with smooth, taut, unblemished skin and fresh-looking unwithered green stalks. In the past people would salt aubergines to remove bitterness and moisture. These days aubergines are rarely too bitter, but salting can still help reduce the amount of oil aubergines absorb during cooking. Cut the aubergine into thick slices, salt well and stand in a colander for around half an hour to allow the juices to drain away. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a kitchen towel, then use them how you like.


Also in season are- radishes, courgette, rhubarb, artichokes, fennel, peas and rocket. Fruits that are ripe are cherries, strawberries, gooseberries, passionfruit and elderflowers should be blooming (make some champers- delicious).

Lamb, rabbit and wood pigeon are all good now too.

Australia and southern surrounds

Now’s the time for lovely apples. You know apples are the oldest cultivated fruit and there are over 8,000 varieties in existence!


You can cook with them- sweet or savory, make cider, jams or jellies and eat them fresh. A really good source of vitamin C and high in fiber, why not try some new varieties this season?  We have already posted a great apple crumble recipe here, and more will be coming soon.

Quinces, pears, mandarins, ginger, persimmons and hazelnuts will all be really tasty at the moment. The great thing about winter approaching is the promise of hearty vegetables, right now try- beets, carrots, wombok (chinese cabbage), fennel, most root veggies and pumpkin. (Click on them for recipes!)

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