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Posted on: June 2nd, 2011 by admin 3 Comments

It’s been months!  We have such poor blog etiquette, end of last year, Emma from Sunflower days, awarded us a lovely blog award and while we thanked her in a short note, we never properly did on the blog!  So thanks Emma, make sure you take a look at her lovely blog also, this award goes right back to you!

We’re sharing the love by passing on the award to just a few of our favorite blogs as well.  There are a lot of inspiring blogs around these days, but it’s always fun when you read a blog from friends you know.

Meredith Malloch Our wonderful friend makes some of the most beautiful things (mostly gifts!) you can imagine.  If you need tips on flowers, crafts, quilting, baking or general inspiration take a peek.

Bright red hoodie The lovely Nadyne keeps a sweet blog that cheers up my online day no end.  Visual inspiration, music and ideas.

Penny Dreadful Vintage The gorgeous Ms Dreadful has featured a couple of times on eatpress (Lady Grey)!  That was before her hugely successful and wonderfully entertaining foray into blogging herself.  Please take a look at her amazing blog full of style ideas, fashion tips, vintage inspirations and you can SHOP there too – treats for all!

Demelza Sherwood is an Australian artist who makes work from all kinds of inspirations, we particularly love her embroidered photographs.  Moments of time caught in stitches on delicate vintage fabrics that are rescued and remembered.  Her blog will show you tons of treats, be sure to purchase some (she’s amazing).

Blogumentionary is a wonderful blog that let’s you know the best blogs to check out.  Personally I find this very helpful as I can get lost down the blog rabbit hole quite easily and I would rather be visiting quality rather than sorting through tons to find new favorites.  I like the fact that things are summarised for me and I can pick and choose from the considered reviews.

Glasscentralcanberra is a pretty niche blog, I love it because of who writes it, she’s funny and informative.  But if you’re a glass artist in Canberra, or an artist in Canberra, in fact if you’re in South Eastern Australia, Ned’s blog is going to let you know all the gallery news, studio goss and Canberra/south coast/Australian/South East Asian happenings you’ll need.

Trotski and Ash is my favorite food blog and although I don’t know them personally like the others, I know friends of their friends so sometimes their stories sound familiar.  Their special recipes are always beautifully photographed and the stories that go along with them make you feel as though you’ve known them a long time.

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  1. Meredith says:

    Ahhhh . . shucks. You guys are the best!!!!!

  2. Aw thanks Peas! Always enjoy seeing the blogs other people enjoy too, Bright Red Hoodie looks just my cup of tea xx

  3. Love the look of these blogs – thanks guys :) :)

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