Holiday baking!

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The last couple years we put together a bunch of our favorite cookies to make around the holidays.  Personally I think a box of mixed cookies is one of the best presents ever.  It’s thoughtful and personal, home-made, waste-free, and delicious!!  Because the Gas-man never showed up to restart the gas in our building this weekend (boo). Here are some links to our favorite cookies for the holidays – paying special attention to the fact that they need to be strong enough to withstand someone shaking the box!  No delicate cookies!!  More to come very shortly.

Amaretti – Wonderful Italian almond cookies.  Crunchy and perfect with coffee.

Anzac biscuits – Although these are usually made on Anzac day (of course- ha), they really are too good not to make more often. They are my favorite cookies.

Biscotti – Another delicious crunchy Italian cookie – these are a little more time consuming, but well worth it.

Chocolate Christmas cookies – These ones are great for decorating.

Florentines – They look so festive to begin with.  The fruity nutty mix is a good crowd pleaser.

Real mint and Chocolate chip cookies – An eatpress favorite.  This recipe is our most popular cookie ever!

Pfeffernüsse These cookies are made in Germany at Christmas time. Spicy and a little chewy, they are our Dad’s favorite.

Shortbread – two recipes – traditional and spiced.  Perfect holiday tea-time biccies.

Snickerdoodles – The most ridiculously named cookie ever.  But the cinnamon-ny crust makes it one of the best.

For more ideas, have a look at our recipe index under cookies.  Happy holidays.

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  1. Rachael says:

    I love this post, I wanted to make a selection of stuff for family and was finding myself overwhelmed with ideas, this selection is fabulous, diverse, and super-festive!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Rachael! It’s true – sometimes it’s difficult to choose from all the millions of delicious cookie options. I will be making these because they all keep well! Happy holidays!

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