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I know I’m not alone when I say that Sunday breakfast is probably my all time favourite thing in the world.  I am very lucky because when it comes to a big breakfast – no one makes a better one than Beans.  He is a breakfast master chef.  He is calm cool and collected in the kitchen at all times, but at breakfast, his timing is so impressive, I like to just sit with a cup of tea and watch the coordination in awe.  (I make the double cappuccino’s that keep him going).

There are a lot of recipes for treats on eatpress, but we eat other things too!  So today I thought I would show you a couple of our Sunday breakfasts we’ve had the last few weeks.  If we don’t have a big one like this we have scones – devonshire tea style, or I make crepes, using Helga’s amazing recipe.

As you can see we usually like poached eggs, crispy bacon, tomatoes, home fries, French bread (one of the great perks of living in Montreal) and assorted fruits or veggies.  I drink strong tea and Beans drinks strong coffee.

This morning Beans made an extra special treat – a pink grapefruit ‘soup’ made with pink grapefruit wedges and juice, halved grapes and thin slices of Meyer lemon.  What is your favourite breakfast?

Song for Sunday:

“Sunday Sun” – Neil Diamond  Sunday Sun - Velvet Gloves and Spit

I never really knew about old Neil or his songs much – just that he’d been around forever, and written and released a million songs.  But I have a bunch of albums of his now, collected recently and this song winds up getting played in my Sunday playlist for obvious reasons, which I love.  Neil’s getting married for the 4th time soon, so look out for a new beaded shirt at his next concert.

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  1. Emma says:

    I love breakfast, it’s my favourite meal! Your brekkie images are delightful also.

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