Au Pied de Cochon, Montreal

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Au Pied de Cochon is another well known Montreal restaurant. Owned or at least somehow affiliated with Chef Martin Picard, it is an unassuming, extremely well staffed little restaurant, not fancy but also not your average night out. Granted many of the Quebecois style dishes are aka heart-attacks on a plate, but especially in this snowy weather, a little warm duck fat never went astray.


So the food is rich. There is duck fat everywhere, you definitely need to be prepared for what is in store for your arteries at Au pied de Cochon. That being said, the meals we received were quite special, the appetizers are something to behold. Duck carpacchio, Goat cheese with beetroot (a thing of beauty), an exploding little mouth bomb of foie gras cromesquis, tarragon bison tongue, bison tartare, many different fois gras, there is ridiculous fois gras poutine (poutine is a Quebec specialty- usually fries with cheese curds and gravy), but the best of the night- the guinea hen liver mousse. This mousse was quite possibly perfection, just served with the right number of ingredients to make the taste buds delight.

duck carpacchio

The mains were more hearty and less outrageous. Lamb shank served with lentils and tomato did indeed fall of the bone with softness.  The venison stew was enough to feed a small family, deliciously tender. Traditional steak et frites, huge pork chops (pork is the specialty here), fish of the day and the strange duck in a can (?). There is a rather pleasant beer brewed for Au Pied de Cochon on tap and some wonderful, wide-ranging wines.

The thing about good restaurants is the details don’t you think? Attentive, well informed, friendly wait staff, clean cutlery, room temperature butter, warm plates, enough to drink, all the little things that you don’t want to think about while being out- taken care of without your noticing. This really is a treat and does make for a perfect night out of dining

Sadly, as is so often so, dessert was missed, as our stomachs, full of the charms of two rather large courses, could not fit more. Without a doubt, though, we shall return.

  • Address: 536 Deluth E, Montreal QC.
  • Phone: 514 281 1114
  • Hours: 5:00 pm – Midnight every day but Monday
  • Price range: starters from $5 – $12, mains $20 – $28
  • Rating: ****
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  1. kate says:

    I was wondering if/when poutine would get a mention on your blog, considering where you live! I have not experienced it first-hand but find the concept of cheese and gravy a bit hard to get my head around… ;)

  2. admin says:

    ooh actually just had some poutine last night. Initially I was horrified at the thought also, but the cheese is hard cheese curd, not gooey, and chips and gravy- well you know, not too outrageous. Really the whole thing is a little gross, but quite satisfying, especially after a few drinks!

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