What is eatpress?

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We started eatpress to keep in contact with family that are scattered across the globe. My youngest sister moved out of home into her own bought house and didn’t have a whole lot of cooking know how (she does now!)- or time- she’s a busy young professional. To help out from the other side of the world, we thought it would be great to share family recipes and cooking tips that we (her 3 older siblings + inlaws) and culinary friends of ours have learned along the way. Plus we’re slowly adding reviews of some good little places to eat out.

Of course you don’t have to be a chef to make great food and it doesn’t need to be daunting/time consuming for a meal to be great. All you need is a few fresh ingredients, a good recipe and a little time! We’ll try and give you the best scoop on when’s the best time to get cheap, in-season ingredients, as well as how to cook them- the short or long way.

We are Peas (Australian with German and American parents) and Beans (Canadian with Chinese and Austrian parents). We’ve had pretty diverse food upbringings and while we’re no experts, we both love to cook and bake and spend a lot of time doing so. Photography is not Peas’ strong point, but Beans works as a professional photographer, so our photo qualities are sporadic. (Depends if I can stand to take the time for a professional shoot or if I’m hungry!)

This year we decided to add our musical ideas for recipes also. If there’s one thing we love as much as food, it’s music and it’s something we always listen to while cooking. It sets the tone of the meal so to speak and our taste is as broad as our palate. Let us know your favorite recipes and musical combo’s!

Also there are some special guests from around the world passing on their gems of knowledge about where they live and what they eat, so stay tuned, peas.



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